Free Resources

Download free regional maps, dungeons or other printable supplements for your favorite Table Top RPG such as Dungeons & Dragons or Pathfinder.

Khibeas Lost Dungeons

Get 14 dungeon maps - cartographed and lost by Khibea. The pages are annotated and give hints to traps and treasure and even some lore around Khibea.

Region of Fasweau map

A cartographic map describing the south of a continent. The map is sprinkeled with some landmarks which might make an optimal opportunity for story hooks.

The "Traveler's Rest" Inn

A mysterious inn in the middle of nowhere. There surely is nothing wrong about it - or is it? Download this tiny encounter and let your players find out what's up with this inn.

Set of Printable Cards

40 Printable cards. Dungeons, street closeups, regions and interior maps in a practical playing card format (88mm x 63mm). The cards are perfect for game masters if they seek inspiration or to use directly in game. Those cards were the "prototype" of the Deck of Dungeons.