Guards and Wards

Level 6 Abjuration
You create a ward that protects up to 2,500 square feet of floor space (an area 50 feet square, or one hundred 5-foot squares or twenty-five 10-foot squares). The warded area can be up to 20 feet tall, and shaped as you desire. You can ward several stories of a stronghold by dividing the area among them, as long as you can walk into each contiguous area while you are casting the spell.

When you cast this spell, you can specify individuals that are unaffected by any or all of the effects that you choose. You can also specify a password that, when spoken aloud, makes the speaker immune to these effects. "Guards and wards" creates the following effects within the warded area.
  • Place "dancing lights (cantrip)" in four corridors. You can designate a simple program that the lights repeat as long as guards and wards lasts.
  • Place "magic mouth (lvl 2)" in two locations.
  • Place "stinking cloud (lvl 3)" in two locations. The vapors appear in the places you designate; They return within 10 minutes if dispersed by wind while "guards and wards" lasts.
  • Place a constant "gust of wind (lvl 2)" in one corridor or room.
  • Place a "suggestion (lvl 2)" in one location. You select an area of up to 5 feet square, and any creature that enters or passes through the area recieves the suggestion mentally.
The whole warded area radiates magic. A "dispel magic (lvl 3)" cast on a specific effect, if successful, removes only that effect.

You can create a permanently guarded and warded structure by casting this spell there every day for one year.
Casting Time:
10 minutes
24 hours
V, S, M (burning incense, a small measure of brimstone and oil, a knotled string, a small amount of umber hulk blood, and a small silver rod worth at least 10 gp)
Wizard, Bard
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