Accounts and other new features

There are some new features here on Mythical Ink that lay the foundation for future developments.

User accounts

It is now possible to create an account on
Why should you do this? At the moment an account has only two major advantages. Firstly, you can create your own spells in the spell list and then download them as PDF cards. Unfortunately, this doesn't work perfectly yet, but I'm working on it.
And secondly, you can now save dungeons "in the cloud" so that you can open your maps again on other devices or when the browser cache has been cleared.
I have also experimented with additional objects in the dungeon generator. At the moment, however, there is only one additional carpet that you can place with an account. But there will be more at some point.
You can also register for the newsletter with an account. At the moment, however, none is planned and there will probably only be a few.
The account system is primarily the basis for future developments, such as a separate shop so that you don't have to go through Gumroad to order a Deck of Dungeons. Other features are already being planned. But more about that when the time comes.

Own spells

As mentioned at the beginning, it is now finally possible to create your own spells, display them in the spell list and generate cards accordingly. In order to be able to generate the cards, the own spells must first be saved in the favourites.

Save dungeons "in the cloud

The other big feature is that you can now save dungeons under your account instead of saving them locally in the browser. This way the data is preserved and you can access it anytime and from anywhere.
Another feature coming in the future is the ability to share dungeons with others and download them as PDFs in high resolution.

Some things don't work 100% correctly yet or still look unattractive. These are problems that I will address in the future. I also want to create more content again. Maps to download, new objects and functions in the dungeon generator and some more. The list is long... too long...

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